July 5, 2007


I swear I haven't been a lazy blogger I just haven't been able to access my blog from my home computer!! Okay, maybe at first I turned into lazy blogger but that was over pretty quickly and by the time I decided to start writing again, my computer goes berserk with the blogger website and won't let me in...go figure with my Flintstone era computer....
At the moment I am using Lou's computer (thanks Lou!) and thought I would just let people know that, no I did not get abducted my aliens, die, or join a traveling circus....but that would have been cool....um, so yes, all is well and I shall try to get my computer to obey me so I can start regaling everyone with the most fascinating of stories. Like the one time, when I was in the supermarket checkout line, and this lady was buying all of this bleach and I thought who needs this much bleach?...... Yup, truly fascinating...!

March 31, 2007

Lights out. Stay Calm Teresa!

Yikes! Last night a huge storm blew through causing my lights to go out. Now this sounds harmless enough until you realize that I am deathly afraid of pitch blackness in this apartment! When I go to bed I leave like, oh, three to four lights on. But remember this is only about a three to four room apartment!
So, last night I traipse off to bed and start to fall asleep when suddenly the storm comes through causing all kinds of commotion. The lights flickered but they held in there but then they flickered again and all was dark. For a few minutes I'm just stunned because I have never had this place absolutely dark since I've lived here (one year, that's quite a record I'm sure!). Soon, the darkness started pressing in on me so I hopped up and went to get the flashlight. Hmm...flashlights just make things a lot creepier I soon found out so I quickly turned it off. I then went back to bed and huddled under the covers for the next few minutes praying for light to return, but alas it did not.
You are now wondering, Teresa, why are you so scared of this apartment, and I would reply....because it's crazy old! It was built to be a neighborhood grocery store back in....1892!!! Do you know how much this building has seen? Or who knows what has happened here?! Do you people not watch horror movies??
But I digress. Huddling under the covers I soon realize, hey, you could suffocate like this, so I pulled them back and just stared at the wall. Staring at the wall seemed safe so I did that for a while but soon I started falling asleep (thank you God!) and all seemed well. And it was. The lights came back on, my apartment was lit up like a Christmas tree again, and all was right with the world.
Now I'm wondering, in the event that this happens again, if they sell battery powered lamps. I would not have freaked out so badly if my lamps would have been able to stay on. Oh, and battery powered night lights, and battery powered Christmas lights, and battery powered battery chargers...just in case!

March 30, 2007

Newly discovered "Guilty Pleasure": Disney's Kim Possible

While on vacation with the rugrats, I was forced into major cartoon watching and this one was one of my favorites!
So funny, with the names of the main characters being Kim Possible and Ron Stoppible, who could resist?

March 28, 2007

Trip Pictures!

March 27, 2007

Galveston Redux

Got back with only a few gray hairs to report. The trip went better than expected (I expected some sort of apocalyptic event to happen) so that means the trip is given 3 1/2 stars. 4 stars would be if a Gilmore Girls/X-Files convention would be going on down there. That would have been sweet.
The trip seemed to have evolved into just a major shopping trip. No NASA, no submarine, no Moody Gardens. Just a lot of shopping...mostly at stores we have in Kansas! We did make it to the beach and the zoo. The beach was rather harrowing with the wind whipping pretty strongly and the surf was very high. We had a cookout there where we fixed hotdogs and smores and boy, I must tell you, you have never had hot dogs and smores until you have them sprinkled with sand! Yes, the wind was so strong that sand blew into all of our food and you really didn't know it until you started eating your hot dog and found it to be quite crunchy!
I got bit by some very aggressive fire ants, I got my foot caught in a baby stroller and fell, and had to sleep in the same hide-a-bad as my little five year old niece who seems to suffer from some very wild dreams. I got hit in the face a few times at night while she flailed her little arms about. Shoving her to the far side of the bed seemed like the best tactic but the little bugger always found her way back to the middle where I would endure more face slapping for the next two nights.
The trip went fast and overall went very well. New York City is in two weeks so I better stay in travel mode. That means I won't unpack from this trip. No I'm not lazy...just prepared!

March 16, 2007

Galveston, oh Galveston...

Vacation time. Off to sunny beaches, warmer weather, and a submarine! Yes, I am heading down to Galveston with my sister and her kids. Two small children, a teenager, and my sister who always asks "so....what's going on with your hair...?". It might be a very very long week.
But we are thinking half glass full here so let's focus on the good stuff. Like I said, the beach and warmer weather are going to be waiting for us and yes, we are going to go visit a WWI submarine. The one other place we'll go for certain is the NASA space museum but besides that I'm at a total loss on how we're going to spend the better half of the week. The temperatures are only supposed to be in the upper 70's so I don't know if swimming will be something we want to do. Most likely just play in the sand and chase seagulls or have seagulls chase us, depends on if they spot us with food!



The first tennis match of the year, Craig vs. Teresa, came out with Teresa as the victor.

Team Craig blamed his loss on rain spots dotting his eyeglasses due to the sprinkles coming down during the game, but I think Team Teresa's superb handling of a weaker opponent was the real key to her win.
Good show Teresa!